Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Increase Alexa Ranking For Your Website

Dear Friends,
you have a blog Or WEBSITE, increase rank of your webpages just follow some tips.
these are :-
Alexa Ranking, Every One want to be in the top of Alexa Ranking and why not. It is the Best Way to know your website ranking. Alexa Ranking is not a new concept in this Internet Market. It is 13+ more Years Experience in the Market of Internet ,to deliver the Best to its users and Now it is on the Top of the world.

Take Alexa Widget and put it to Your Site: After Installing the Alexa Toolbar to Your Browser ,now you have to add the Alexa Widget to your Site that will help you to show your Updated Ranking on your Website.

1.Write Your Own containts: Do not forget to write new and your own material on website to update your site ,that will automatically update your ranking in Various Search Engine .By this ,it will also help you to Increase Your Alexa Ranking.

2.Promote Your Website : Promote Your Website to increase the Ranking of your website that will automatically Increase the Alexa Ranking.

3.Always Use Alexa Toolbar to Visit Your Website: Always use Alexa Toolbar installed Browser to Visit your Website. Since Toolbar is directly attached with therefore each visit from this toolbar will send the updated report to Alexa,and that will increase your ranking.

4.Tell Others to Use Alexa Toolbar: Tell your friends and other to use Alexa Toolbar because if they will install Alexa Toolbar in their Browser ,so if they visit your website any time then it can be useful for improving your alexa ranking.

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